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Q: What’s the best way to contact you, and why is it hard to get through on the phone? A: Honestly, we prefer email. It’s the best way to get a response from our team. Our restaurants are quite busy, and our team prioritizes being in our dining rooms and kitchens taking care of our guests. If you have a question not answered on this page, please email us at and a team member will get back to you. 


Q: Do you take reservations?  A: Yes, reservations can be made through our website; if you are looking to book a party larger than 8 people, send us an email or call us during non-peak hours (2:30-4 PM). We also accept a good number of walk-ins on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Q: What do I do if we are running late? A: If you are running late to your reservation, you can use the same number on the existing reservation or the number we text you a confirmation to text us that you are running late. You can also email us at Just so you know, we only hold reservations for 15 minutes before offering the reservation to guests on our waitlist. 

Q: Why you do not seat incomplete parties? A: We do not seat incomplete parties for a few reasons. Timing…complete parties help us quote wait times accurately. Experience…we want everyone who dines with us to have the same opportunity for an amazing experience from beginning to end. Other reservation commitments…seating complete parties means that we can honor our commitment to other parties that arrived on time. 


Q: Can I bring outside beverages or food? A: In general, we ask that guests not bring any outside beverages or food. The only two exceptions are a cake for a birthday celebration and/or a special bottle of wine.

Q: What is your corkage policy? A: If you want to bring a rare or special bottle of wine, we allow one bottle of wine per reservation and the corkage fee is $25.

Q: Can I bring a birthday cake? A: You can bring one cake per reservation. A cake-cutting/serving fee will be applied to the final bill whether we cut/serve the cake or not. We pride ourselves on having a cocktail and food menu that delivers exceptional value at very reasonable price points.


Q: How do I place a “to go” order, when will it be ready, and how will I know? A: For most of our locations, our menus are also featured on Grubhub, DoorDash, or Uber Eats apps. We partner with these companies to offer delivery services.  When ordering online or via either app, you can place the order for ASAP pickup/delivery or schedule the order to be ready at a specific time/day. We generally estimate that food will be ready 15-20 minutes after the order is placed, however, most of the time it’s considerably quicker. 

If you’ve ordered online through our website, you will receive an email/text with your order confirmation, and another text/email when your order is ready for pickup.  When you use any of the third-party apps like Doodash, Ubereats, and Grubhub you should also get a notification confirming your order was received, and another when it is ready, or on its way. 

Q: It’s 9:45 pm and I can’t place an order online or for delivery, I thought you close at 10 pm? A: We do close at 10 pm, but the cutoff time for online ordering takes into account 20-30 minutes of prep time before the cut-off time. The same goes for ordering before we open unless you schedule your order for a later time.

Q: Help! I’ve placed my order at the wrong location, what can I do? A: The moment you hit “order” a ticket prints to that location’s kitchen and your order is made, oftentimes before you can pick up the phone or write an email. That is why all our online sales are final, and we cannot offer refunds for orders placed at the wrong location. Please take extra care to review your order and make sure you’re ordering from the desired location before submitting. We don’t like wasting food, and we can’t magically teleport your order from one restaurant to another, nor can we re-sell your order to someone else. The good news is that our restaurant locations aren’t that far from each other, so it could just be a matter of a little extra time in the car. 

Q: Why aren't you accepting orders? A: There are a few reasons. If you’re ordering online before we open or just before we close (check our website for our current hours of operation) you are outside the online ordering window. If it is during normal business hours, there is likely an issue, whether it be an internet outage, a delivery service outage, or something outside of our control. In this rare event, you may need to visit one of our restaurants in person or choose a different location to order from.

Q: Where is my order that I wanted to be delivered? I’m hangry! A: We work with DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats as our third-party delivery service. Your best course of action is to use the support feature in either app or call their support number.

Q: What if I am missing an item/s from my order? A: Even though we make a big effort to get everything right, sometimes we make mistakes. So, if you order for pick up or delivery through our web pages directly, please send an email or call us to request a refund. Or, if you prefer, you can also come back to the restaurant to pick up the missing item. If you order through some of the third parties, like Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Grubhub, you will need to call them to get a refund. 

Q What is Lil Donkey’s and why did you choose a virtual brand instead of adding burritos to your existing restaurants’ menus? We have tons of reasons why we decided to go this route for this concept. One of them is that we just wanted to create a new brand that might in the future actually have a storefront. If you are bored and want to know more reasons or have more questions, don't hesitate to send us an email at:

Q: If I go to eat at A Toda Madre, Bien Trucha, or Quiubo, can I order lil donkeys? A: No. We only take online orders for pick up and delivery.


Q: What is a 20% service charge? A: Parties of 5 people or more will get an automatic 20% service fee added to the final bill. Please let us know if you would like us to remove it and leave a custom gratuity instead. 


Q: Why do we have to share? A: Although we encourage our guests to share food as traditionally served, sharing remains optional. The idea behind sharing pays homage to the meals served at home where every guest looks forward to experiencing all the flavors and textures our cooking has to offer. Our food comes out when is ready so if you do not like to share, you might be staring at your friend while your food arrives.

Q: I’m gluten-free/vegan and/or have certain dietary preferences. Can I still dine at the restaurant? A: In most cases, yes! We offer some dishes that can be made both vegetarian and gluten-friendly upon request at all our locations. As far as other allergies, we can accommodate the most common allergens when dining at our restaurants. Please inform our service team about your allergies upon arrival and we will work with our culinary team to handle them accordingly. To preserve the integrity of our flavors and recipes, all other modifications are politely declined. 

Q: I’m pregnant, is your cheese and dairy pasteurized? A: Congratulations! Yes, all our dairy products are pasteurized.  


Q: Can I buy out the restaurant for the night? A: There’d have to be a lot of zeroes in the equation! In all seriousness, we want to make sure our restaurants are open and available to everyone every day. That being said, if you are looking to book a large group or want to buy out the restaurant, please fill out an inquiry form on our website and somebody from the management team will get back to you within 48 hours. Regardless of your needs, please fill out an inquiry form on our website and somebody from the management team will get back to you within 48 hours.

Q: Can I rent a room/ space for my private party? A: Some of our locations have a private or semi-private space available to rent. Others have designated areas for small gatherings. 

Q: How about the patio, can I rent the patio? A: At the moment, we are not taking any reservations or private bookings for our patios except for our PODs at Bien Trucha. Thank you for thinking of us for your special event!

Q: Do you cater? A: Yes. “TAKE A SIESTA... BECAUSE WE ARE TAKING CARE OF YOUR FIESTA!!" Bien Trucha Group offers a DIY Taco Bar Experience. Our seasonal menu offerings capture the most iconic tacos and dishes from our restaurants. 

A few reminders: No orders are final until confirmed by a member of our catering team and we have a form of payment on file. All catering orders must be received and confirmed within a minimum of 48 hours before your event. Please visit our website and fill out an inquiry form. A catering member will reach out within 24 hours to discuss details of the order and availability. Remember we are closed on Mondays.

Q: Are there minimums or fees for catering deliveries? A: There is a $150 minimum for pick-up catering orders and a $250 minimum for delivery catering orders. We have a $25 delivery fee within a 10-mile radius; additional fees will apply outside that radius. 


This policy is valid for online, email, and phone catering orders. Orders must be paid in full when booking an order. Cancellations made less than 72 hours before the event are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the event are subject to a 100% cancellation fee.


Q: Can I buy a gift card? Where can I use it? A: You can buy gift cards online or at any of our restaurants, and you can redeem gift cards in person. E-gift cards can be redeemed when you order online directly through our website!

Q: Do you have any merch or swag? A: Limited edition tote bags, hats, or t-shirts are available at times.

Q: Can I bring my dog to the restaurant? A: While dogs are not allowed inside our restaurants under local and state health codes, service animals are welcome to join you. Emotional support dogs are not considered service animals under the ADA. They may be trained for a specific owner, but they are not trained for specific tasks or duties to aid a person with a disability, and this is the main difference between emotional support and service animals.

Q: I forgot to grab my itemized receipt, can you send me a copy of it? A: Yes, send us an email at with the last 4 numbers of the credit card used and we will email you the receipt back within 48 hours.